Instagram Games: The new strategy to gain followers and sell more

Instagram Games

Have you ever used Instagram Games to get meaningful user actions with your brand?

If the answer is NO, you could be missing a great opportunity to increase your sales.

Not only are Instagram Stories fun and creative, they are also one of the best ways to increase user engagement with your business and gain recognition.

According to an Instagram report: More than 500 million users use Instagram Stories on a daily basis, so they are an exponential advantage to connect with more people from your business account.

No matter what product or service you offer, with Instagram Games you will give a different approach to your stories; In addition to providing entertainment and motivation to the user, you will lead him to make a direct interaction with your brand from the moment he plays the game.

So here we show you how you can create and get the most out of your Instagram Games without having to be an expert in gamification.

Instagram Story Games

Did you know that Instagram Stories have evolved with functions that encourage interaction with your customers, humanize your brand and provide real-time information on the results of your Marketing strategies?

Users have received Instagram stories impressively thanks to its 24-hour active audiovisual publication format.

That’s why the average brands post Instagram Stories about nine times a month, or about twice a week; while the most active ones publish content at least 14 times a month, that is, every two days.

¡Imagine what you would achieve if you included Instagram Story Games in your campaigns to promote your products!

Games are useful when it comes to acquiring, engaging, and retaining users.

However, with Instagram Games you will achieve MUCH MORE:

  • Increase user engagement and influence their behavior.
  • Reward in-game interaction with virtual items such as points, bonuses, or discounts.
  • Generate immediate actions such as a purchase, data registration or visits to the website.

The metrics of “The Aberdeen Group” reveal that: Companies that use gamification experience a year-on-year change of 8.5% in annual revenue compared to other companies, which experience 4.4%.

Which indicates that the use of games not only helps you to promote your product, but also increase sales.

But how can you create a game for Instagram?

There are several expert gamification companies that help you create an Instagram Game for your brand easily and simply.

In Colombia Games you can choose from a variety of games that have already been designed for social networks and web pages, or customize yours to bring entertaining and dynamic content to your followers.

1. Increase your website traffic

You may not be sure how to drive traffic to your website from your Instagram Game, but the truth is that it goes beyond putting a link to your page in the bio.

Instagram Stories is a great way to get clicks and views!

If you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram or a business account, you can use the powerful “swipe up” feature of the app.

With it, you can add a link to anyone to your Instagram Stories, with content that encourages people to swipe up and go to the page you have selected.

Did you know that 59% of brands link Instagram stories to a purchase page on their website?

Putting the right link plus a “call to action” leads the user to scroll up and follow the action you want.

2. Increase your followers

Doesn’t it happen to you that when you play you feel a challenge to overcome your opponent or win and you don’t stop until you reach it?

The same thing your followers feel when starting the game to acquire a benefit such as discounts with your brand.

When users start playing they expect to be the best, so challenges can be generated between friends within Instagram stories, providing greater recognition of your brand.

Your followers will invite their friends to your Instagram Games campaign until it goes viral, which will generate a notable increase in followers on the social network and on your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube accounts, if you have them linked.

For example: Marriott Rewards and the National Football League (NFL) developed interactive experiences around field goals, coin tossing and scoring a touchdown on Instagram Stories.

Spectators were challenged to “pause the story” at critical moments in the match to “win” the game.

Thanks to this, their Instagram stories accumulated 13 million impressions (+ 106% above the target), causing an increase in their followers and internal response to the contents of Instagram Games

3. Increase your sales

With Instagram Games you can go further than offering a promotion of your product with a nice image.

Users who wish to obtain a product discount must overcome the challenges of the game and provide you with essential data that you can later use for your e-commerce or email marketing campaigns.

That means that you can make more personalized campaigns that increase your sales.

Also, if you use Instagram Story Games with tactics like contests, product giveaways, and offers, you’ll see that customers will want to purchase the product they fought so hard for in the game.

This is due to the fact that gamification incorporates fun and differential experience to the user, establishing an emotional connection with him beyond a simple brand awareness and leads him to make the purchase.

Instagram for Business

If you have a personal account on Instagram, it will be easy for you to create a business profile to promote your products or services to people interested in your niche.

In your Instagram Business account you will find functions and options designed to reach more people, maintain better communication with your customers and boost sales.

The report “How Instagram Boosts Brands and Drives Sales” reveals that: Instagram plays a fundamental role in the user purchase process, as 83% discover new products and services on the platform.

A business profile gives you access to powerful Facebook advertising tools, so you can easily set up, run, and track campaigns to increase your reach and engagement.

So if you have not yet created a profile for your company on Instagram, don’t think twice!

How to create an Instagram for Business account?

If you have already decided that it is best to change your profile to a commercial one, you must follow the following steps:
1. Enter settings and touch where it says Account.

2. The option to “Change to a professional account” will appear there.

3. Add details like category and business contact information to make it easier for Instagram to run a sales funnel for your customers.

4. You can connect your professional account with a Facebook page associated with your business to facilitate full access to the business toolkit.

5. Then you can start using all the features of Instagram for Business, including ads in Stories and Feeds.

How to advertise on Instagram?

Advertising campaigns on social networks are one of the fastest ways to attract customers, and you could get more out of them by running them on Instagram, since users spend an average of 28 minutes a day on the platform

In fact, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile a day thanks to the advertising tools enabled in professional accounts.

So, if what you want is to grow your brand online, it is good that you go to the Promotions Manager of the app and follow the following steps:

  1. Click Create.

2. Select if you want the links to be directed to your website, your profile or you to the messages.

3. Select your target audience to segment and target the ads according to the interests of the users.

4. Define the budget that you will use in the campaign.

5. Check that the promotion is ok and create.

You can use tools like Ads Manager and Creative Hub to further customize your campaigns and achieve the goal you want, be it reach, video views, conversions, lead generation or traffic.
Also, if you want to start advertising on instagram, you should bear in mind that the average Cost per Click (CPC) for the location of the stories is $ 0.76, the Cost per Thousand (CPM) of $ 3.96 and a Percentage Clicks (CTR) of 0.54%.

How to advertise with Instagram Games?

Both in applications, web pages and Instagram, advertising practices with gamification have been increasing where the main objective is to involve other users to participate more actively with your brand.

What is very striking when you find out that 75% of Instagram users perform an action such as visiting a website, after seeing a publication.

To advertise with Instagram Games you must bear in mind that the content of instagram stories is vertical and if it is a video it must have a maximum duration of 15 seconds.

You can create paid ads that will give users interested in your product a promotion among the stories of their friends and family, with the option of “swipe up” that will be linked to your online game.

If you want to give a special promotion to your current followers and accounts with more than 10,000, Instagram gives you the free option to link your interactive content.

If you don’t have that many followers, DON’T WORRY!

You can do a Marketing Influencer campaign where content creators in networks with an audience similar to yours, will invite their followers to join your Instagram Game so that it achieves a greater reach.

In this video you will see how you can improve the quality of your content and become an influencer in the market.

Instagram Marketing

t is clear that Instagram is no longer just for personal use, the platform now allows your brand to humanize its content, generate closer conversations and showcase your products.

That is why it is necessary that you take into account having different exclusive marketing strategies for the social network, not only can you stay with Instagram Games, you must also have different types of content for Feeds, Stories, Reels and the new Instagram Shopping option.

That is why there are different Marketing agencies specialized in generating attractive content so that your brand gains prestige in its industry and with its followers and clients.

Instagram Marketing Agencies

1.    First Page Digital

It is Hong Kong’s leading full-service digital agency with strategic, technical and creative specialists striving to drive digital success for businesses of all types.

First Page’s suite of services includes SEO, social media marketing, web design and development, and pay-per-click advertising.

2.    Abacus

Advertising agency on Facebook and Instagram specialized in advanced performance in social networks.

Abacus created social design systems that generate levels of campaign assets, ranging from high-level branding messages to tactical conversion ads.

It has a video production company that specializes in live action, photography and 3D animation.

3.    DDB

This account is from a Colombian agency that manages accounts such as McDonald’s, Avianca, Claro and others, thanks to the use of creativity in experiences, sales performance and commercial growth in networks and websites.

4.    Social Distillery

It is a social media agency that specializes in creative digital communications and interaction with consumers.

5.    Imagine Media Consulting

Create personalized content for social needs, after an extensive study of your brand’s voice.

The agency prides itself on its professional style and photography, offering visually appealing and unique content.

6.    Disruptive Advertising

The company works with the main social networks (and Google Ads) for PPC management.

The agency creates custom audiences based on user types, using a list of your leads or customer email addresses, so they can help you use Facebook and Instagram as retargeting platforms.

7.    Viral Nation

Viral Nation specializes in influencer marketing, but also provides services related to social experience work, tracking and measurement, creativity and content, performance and media marketing, and strategy.

One of his biggest requests for influencer marketing services is Instagram marketing, where he uses extensive research methods for his clients to get the highest return on investment.

8.    Social Media 55

Social Media 55 te ofrece una lista completa de servicios que abarcan publicidad, respaldo y  administración de las redes sociales.

Gestionan toda  la publicidad online y ofrecen gestión de redes sociales de Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Google My Business, entre muchas otras plataformas.

9.    Ustwo

It is a digital products studio with a focus on creativity in the design of games, content and services for different platforms.

10.    Revenue River

This agency helps its clients to use digital assets more effectively, it differs from other competitors because on Instagram it has “On the Hot Seat”, a series of videos that presents a different employee in each episode to find out what they do for the company.

11.    Huge

It is an experience design and digital marketing agency nominated as Digiday’s Most Innovative Agency in 2016.

Gamification in Marketing

Gamification in marketing integrates all solutions and dynamic elements within your website, application or advertising campaigns to make the user experience with your service more dynamic.

With gamified content you will make your customers have a sense of competition and Engagement with your brand.

This marketing strategy in your Instagram Games unleashes excitement and encourages people to overcome the challenges to acquire the rewards.

Before making your gamification prototype, you should think about the type of audience you will be targeting so that you actually capture their attention and make your goals clear by asking yourself questions such as:

  • I want to increase my website traffic?
  • Do I need to increase user participation and interaction with my business?
  • Do I want to sell more or start reaching more people?
  • What is the product that I am going to promote?

game will not be the same for an older audience than for a younger one, keep in mind what you want to give as a reward and make it FUN no matter what type of business you have.

Examples of Gamification

  1. Star player game

Heineken took you to play live while you watched the UEFA Champions League games on television.

The game was synchronized with the match and you had the opportunity to predict whether the teams would score a goal and to guess the result of the corner and free kicks.

2.     Bibo – Juego MedioAmbiental

WWF and El Espectador launched with a game a campaign to make users aware of the importance of forests and ecosystem services in Colombia, showing relevant data on the flora and fauna existing in them.

3.     My Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks applies gamification techniques through its My Starbucks Rewards loyalty program, where customers who become members receive incentives for points or “stars” they earn with each purchase after completing Bonus Star, Double Star Days and game challenges.

Fun Instagram Games

There are numerous benefits that you will get from using Instagram Games.

Most of your customers will value brand experiences where they feel involved, luckily you can do it with gamified content that makes their options fun and engaging.

Gamification is increasingly used in the business sector to add value to actions that sometimes go unnoticed.

You can give your marketing strategy a big boost with the smart tools that we offer you at ColombiaGames to create gamified content that promotes the recognition of your brand, attracts visitors and increases your sales.

Don’t wait any longer to try them!

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