Employee Gamification and How to achieve better results

You may have heard that employee gamification has become a trend in the business sector. But surely you still have no idea what gamification is or how its implementation benefits the performance of your company. Gamification has gained strength thanks to the good results of companies such as Ford Motor and Domino’s Pizza. Ford Motor Company

Instagram Games: The new strategy to gain followers and sell more

Have you ever used Instagram Games to get meaningful user actions with your brand? If the answer is NO, you could be missing a great opportunity to increase your sales. Not only are Instagram Stories fun and creative, they are also one of the best ways to increase user engagement with your business and gain recognition.

5 New technologies that are changing the world and where to study them (2021)

New technologies are evolving at such a rapid pace that annual predictions are often out of date when published in news or articles. These technological advances are the main engines of innovation and progress in various areas of humanity: from the sciences, to the arts and governments. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and video games are essential to think

Latin America at the forefront of financial education through video games

Faced with an environment of economic pessimism in the region, financial education is more important than ever in Latin America. The need to reduce poverty, the difficulties in accessing the banking system and financial services as a risk for the least favored, become a challenge for financial institutions and governments. Taking into account that digital content and technology open

Applications that rescue the indigenous ancestral wisdom of Colombia

Colombia is an A ncestral country . 30 percent of the territory is inhabited by indigenous communities  that have an essential legacy of our culture and origins. Do you know how many ethnic groups exist in Colombia? Do you know their customs and linguistic richness? Of the 607 indigenous peoples of Latin America, 103 live in the country and 35 of them are at risk

How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?

The price ranges go from $ 10,000 for a very simple application or a proof of concept, to + $ 150,000 for a complex application, with real-time geolocation, and multiple functionalities, “Uber-like”. There are different aspects that influence the cost of an application. First of all, you must ask yourself what you need the application for,

5 tips to develop your app

Learn about the process of creating a mobile application and some useful tips to start thinking about yours, so that it is functional and versatile. Do you want to develop your own app? Do you need to develop an app in your company? Do you need to create an app to boost your digital marketing strategy? Whatever the reason

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