SERVICES How we do it

Concept & Strategy
We tackle the challenge of teaching and entertaining that brings each project, we take the initial concept of the client and we merge it with everything that knows the equipment of Colombia Games. Once the proposal is aligned with the expectation of the client, the project will have a clear scope, a process that translates into savings of weeks or even months of design and development.

We take success case game mechanics as alternatives that can be integrated with the project objectives.


We also explore new mechanics and narratives that can better deliver the entertainment and learning component.


Presentation with the concept of the game and the strategy of communication that will allow to achieve the objectives of the project.

Game Design
We perform the process of designing the narrative, content and rules of the game, prior to initiating the development stage, this includes gameplay, worlds, levels, characters, achievements, as well as the definition of technical aspects and architecture for Construction of the system. The deliverable of this stage is the Game Design Document that will be the equivalent of the architectural plan for the construction of a building.

We design what will be the interaction of the user with the game, looking for the best and most engaging experience.


First approach to the visual style of the game, this includes sketches of interfaces, characters and environments.


Game Design Document with all the necessary details for the art and development team to successfully build the game.


The very first step in developing a great game is figuring out its architecture, so we pick the perfect technology stack for your product.


Incremental quality assurance analysis means that we run deep test at every stage (alpha, beta and release), and there will be no surprises at the end.


We ensure every game gets through AppStores notoriously fickle acceptance process, and get publish in the project website.

Development & Launch
When it’s time for development to actually start, we assign specialists that match with the technologies selected during the architecture phase. Our agile-based development runs in two-week sprints that result in a new, incremental build at the end of each fortnight, allowing you to regularly review and assess what we’re building.