How to create a game? fast and free

Believe it or not, advanced programming and design skills or expensive budgets are not always required to create a video game.

If you want to entertain your customers on your website, on your social networks, in your next marketing campaign, and you are wondering how to create a game without giving up.

In this article you will find options to do it, and a step by step so that in a matter of minutes, and for free, you can create a video game with your personal brand or your business brand.

And how not to think about video games, yes, according to a Newzoo study, more than a third (⅓) of the world’s population, that is, more than 2,800 million people, will have played from their mobile devices.

If your customers reach you or your business through their smartphones, creating a mobile video game is an opportunity that you cannot miss!

Types of Videogames

But let’s be clear, there are video games that do require large sums of money for their development, and numerous teams of professionals for their creation.

These complex video games are generally aimed at teenagers or young adults, who want to spend hours at a time connected to their computers or to their consoles (Xbox or PlayStation).

Fortunately, the other side of the coin is casual games, which are aimed at audiences of all ages, who want to be entertained for a short time mainly from their mobile devices.

These casual games are the ones that in this article we will learn to create easily, quickly and without spending money.

Casual Games

Now video games are for everyone, and more people play to pass the time, as Google / Kantar says, 63% of casual players enter a video game for this reason.

Among the best-known casual video games are the super hit Candy Crush, the famous Pac-Man, Frogger (Cross with the Frog) and Culebrita (Snake).

Something that these titles have in common is that they are easy to understand, you enter the game and immediately start playing without the need for a tutorial or complex analysis.

And is that 33% of casual gamers say they play games that are easy to understand.

But enough of numbers, now with this clear context, let’s get down to work and create a game.

How to create a game with your brand

Sure you have the logo of your business, this is the only thing you should have on hand to create a video game with your brand.

And it is that video games are a great showcase to publicize and position your brand, these games are also known worldwide as Advergames.

Brands such as McDonalds, m & m, Puma, Cheetos and Pepsi have entered the world of Advergames, achieving greater brand awareness through a new user experience.

Now if you look at your watch, in just a few minutes you will be having fun with a video game with your personal brand or your business.

Step 1 – Access Instant Games

Once you enter to instant games platform, you will see a field where you must upload your logo or image that you want to appear in the video game.

It is recommended that it be a rectangular format image, wider than it is high, to have greater visibility on the billboards and posters that will appear in the game.

Step 2 – Select Game Mode

Fortunately, we found a selection of video games with characteristics that are well known to casual players, such as Crossing with the Frog, Car Racing, Soccer Penalties, among other options.

Choose the option that best matches your audience, all games can be shared on social networks, or a link can be placed on your website.

So don’t worry that they will reach your customers through all your digital channels, even in an email marketing, SMS or WhatsApp campaign.

Step 3 – Custom your game

Think about the name of your game and write it in the corresponding field, you will see that you can also choose the main color.

You will notice that you can preview what the first screen of the game would look like, where the user will leave their contact information.

Great news for those interested in capturing this information and generating new leads or potential clients for their business.

Step 4 – Define Reward or Prizes

Imagine that your client played, saw your brand for a few minutes and left you their contact information, it is a great opportunity to leave a reward.

It can be a discount, a 2×1, a limited-time offer, or simply an invitation to try one of your products or services.

In this step, you can upload a coupon or promotion image, write a congratulatory phrase or an indication related to your campaign.

Finally, and with the aim of increasing traffic to your site, or to your social networks, or to a purchase landing, you can include the destination address (URL) at the end of the interaction.

Step 5 – Lets Play!

When you press CREATE GAME, a link is generated that takes you to the game, which you can publish on your social networks, on your website or share it with your friends and family.

Everyone will have the experience you created for them, they will leave their contact details, they will receive the reward, and they will even see a table of high scores in which they will compete to be the best.

How to create a game for 2 or more players

Whether it is to share the game with your clients or potential clients, or to have fun with your friends, it is no secret that playing with more people is more fun than playing alone.

So the platform also gives you the option to play live, even broadcast in a video call or on a giant screen, a QR code for multiple players to join and compete to see who is the best.

The moment players read the QR code, they begin to appear on the screen, and the moment they complete the game, their score appears.

Each player can try again to improve their score.

If you have not suddenly heard the term gamification, this is one of the most widespread practices, to generate more engagement in work environments, education and even in marketing campaigns.

Now that you know, no more virtual birthdays or work video calls without a game of the casual video game you created.


If you are not an expert video game programmer or designer.

If you don’t want to spend a large sum of money developing a game.

Even if you have an urgency and you must create a game in a very short time.

You can create games quickly and easily, focusing your efforts on how your brand looks, on which promotions or discounts to deliver to your customers, and finally on how to sell more.

The instant gaming platform is an alternative for those who want to deliver new experiences to their customers and increase the generation of potential customers, but also for those who want to implement a new dynamic in their virtual and face-to-face group activities.

Now that you know how to create a game, can you attract more customers and sell more?

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