5 tips to develop your app

Learn about the process of creating a mobile application and some useful tips to start thinking about yours, so that it is functional and versatile.

Do you want to develop your own app? Do you need to develop an app in your company? Do you need to create an app to boost your digital marketing strategy? Whatever the reason you need to know more about creating and developing applications , we are going to guide you:

The process of creating and planning a mobile application includes the following moments:

1. Define the essentials.

The idea: Get in touch with the mobile world and define your idea by answering these questions: What is your app about? What is it for? What problem or need does it solve? Is there another similar one?

It is very important that from conception you can predict the usefulness of your application. You don’t have to propose something completely new, but you do have to add a plus or resolve an unsatisfied wish so that it is not just another in the great universe of apps.

The objective: For example, to be number one in home delivery, to generate interaction with your brand or to increase sales through e-commerce…   And your audience: who will be your users?

When the objective is set, the business model is defined that is, in what way you will obtain an economic return (downloads, ads, freemium and premium services). Keep in mind that you cannot depend solely on advertising.

2. Decide what type of application to develop

Web or native application. Once you know what you want and for what, you can decide what type of application you need or is convenient for you: web (it depends on a web browser for its execution) or native ( developed specifically for the operating system of a device, being Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) the main ones on the market. Or even multiplatform Learn more about the types of applications, features and development possibilities.

3. Create the application prototype

It is time to make sketches on paper. Creating the prototype or mockup of the application will allow you to materialize the idea, reflect the basic operation and user interaction. This mockup will be your horizon to avoid wasting time or money in the programming stage.

At this stage you must make visible what types of technologies and APIs you need to integrate, as well as the different versions for mobiles, tablets and desktop.

There are template tools and websites that will allow you to prototype applications.

4. Design and development of the app

If you opted for a native mobile application, the design and development are directly related to the operating system. So, create an app for Android or iOS? .

Their essential difference is the programming language : iOS (Objective-C / Swift) and Android (Javascript). You will also find important differences at the technical, design and mobile strategy level.

It is a reality that Android has led the world market for the last ten years, keeping 88.9% of the total share, and leaving iOS with 11.1%, at the end of 2018. The above is due to the fact that the largest part of the world’s manufacturers use it on their smartphones. But it is also true that the App Store represented the highest number of paid application downloads, with 22.6%, compared to 11.8% of Google Play, of the same year, according to the report on the growth of Android by Xacatamóvil.com

How do you know which one to choose? The choice will depend on the features and functionalities and your target market. What smartphones do they use and in what way? Usability and consumer habits will also be essential to make this decision.

Now is the time to seek advice from application designers and developers. Only then can you know which option is indicated for your purpose.

It will also be essential to know: How much does it cost to develop a mobile application 

5. Launch and promotion

Before launching, you should have made a test plan that allows you to verify the operation of your application from all perspectives. To do this, make your pilot development known to those close to you and strangers, so that you can validate the user experience, design and usability.

Finally, the great moment of launch and promotion will arrive . You will need an ASO (App Store Optimization) optimization strategy to position your app in stores, and a great press and digital marketing strategy to disseminate and publicize all the previous effort invested.

Developing an application is a process that will need a great work plan and the help of the best developers! Tell us if we can help you?

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