We work closely with Companies, Educational Institutions, Foundations and Government Agencies to deeply understand  their ideas, the problem they want to solve and elaborate a structured plan, with clear scope and goals, so our work to design and develop their Game meet all expectations and get the desired Impact.


Pocket Planet

Populate and thrive your own pocket planet, build lofty towers of housing and unusual business. Inspired in the world-famous book “The little prince”.


Featured in Apple Store in more than 50 countries.

Co-production with Oruga Animation Studios and Quantica Music in Universidad de los Andes and Colciencias Project.

Watch Game trailer here.


Values City - Coca Cola

Builder game for Coca-Cola employees in Latam, focused in raise awareness of the importance of values and collaboration .

More than a 1.000 combinations of personalized avatar.

Ranking between players of the game to measure performance in every stage of the game.

Campaign by ActiBrand.


Ancient Wisdom

Created to explore ecosystems and creative culture of different indigenous groups, Ancient Wisdom introduces the child into the mystical and natural world of the ancestors, and beautifully illustrated with entertaining games.

Featured in Apple Store as one of the best game and apps developed in Latin America.

Co-production with a talented team of archeologist, biologist, and Grupo SURA

Watch Project video here.


Bibo - Environmental Game

"BIBO, a commitment to a better life" is a long-term campaign by WWF and El Espectador that seeks to raise awareness of the importance of forests and ecosystem services they provide.


Environmental match 3 game with a focus in the importance of renewable energy and water in our planet.

Award winner campaign in INMA - International News Media Association. Watch the video here

Watch campaign spot here.



Due to global warming, a giant avalanche has frozen a bunch of arctic animals into ice cubes and only a brave Eskimo can rescue them! Match all manners of polar bears, penguins, huskies, and along with others to melt them free!

Featured in Apple Store in more than 30 countries.

More than + 1.000.000 downloads in stores world wide.

Awareness about global warming.



EduChef is a fun virtual restaurant where you are the Chef and you are in charge of all the finances. Manage your menu, serve your clients, unlock mini-games and new features as you level-up. Customize your restaurant and your look with cool new items from the Style Shop and Savings Shop. While playing, you will strengthen your financial knowledge : As you advance through the game, you will receive advice on savings and financial institutions and services.

Fun edutainment tool that can be used in the classrooms to reinforce financial education contents.

Co-production with Fundación Capital and Press Start.



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